T. rex in Town

friday 21 oct 2016

In the Summer of 2012, director Edwin van Huis uttered these words for the first time. But where do you get a Tyrannosaurus rex from? And where do you get the money to buy one? Still, they made it happen. A group of Naturalis researchers visited the United States in search of a T.rex, and ended up excavating the skeleton in Montana in September 2013. At present, all the bones have been carefully excavated and prepared. T.rex is almost ready for her journey to Leiden. The queen of dinosaurs, at least 12 metres tall, 6000 kilos of bone, muscle, claws and teeth: you can meet her from Saturday 10 September in Naturalis.

Dinos come to life
Travel 66 million years back in time and go on an adventure! The true to life dino robots will make you feel like you’ve been teleported back to the Cretaceous period. Quite a different time altogether…
One T.rex takes a bite of his favourite food, Triceratops, while another is fighting an Ankylosaurus!
Face-to-face with Trix
The centrepiece of the exhibition is our T.rex. The skeleton is one of the three most complete specimens in the world. The skull of a T.rex is extremely heavy and is rarely exhibited on top of its skeleton, but Naturalis has placed it just there where it belongs! The skeleton holds a wealth of information about the life of Trix. If you look closely, you will see that parts of the skeleton are deformed which indicates that she suffered from illnesses, and from other damaged areas we can tell that Trix has been in fights. So remember to pay attention!
Can you cycle faster than T.rex?
You will most likely have lots of questions after seeing the impressive T.rex skeleton. Although scientists can answer questions about research, you can also get to work yourself! Climb onto the scales together with your family and find out if you would have made a tasty dino snack. Or maybe T.rex fancied something bigger to eat? And what if you were chased by a T.rex? would you cycle fast enough to save your life?
Graves in the dino era
You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty? Good! Dig up your own fossil and compare your find with shells, teeth, skulls and other bones, old and new. Or build a dino world with toy dinos, plants, real stones and fossils, and discover the life of T.rex.

Take a look in the Dinolab
T.rex’s favourite meal was Triceratops. No wonder they found triceratops at the site where T.rex was excavated. In the Dinolab, you can take a peek over the shoulder of the taxidermists while they clean triceratops fossils. Ask away!
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Location:†Naturalis Biodiversity Center Darwinweg 2 2333 CR LEIDEN†
Start date:†September 10, 2016
End date:†May 31, 2017