This historic city will captivate you with its charm, its elegance, its friendliness and its hidden treasures. A visit to Leiden can be an enriching experience; it will† stimulate your curiosity and invite you to take a look into its illustrious past, to enjoy its fascinating present and to look towards its promising future.

Leiden has one particular feature you cannot fail to notice: the water. After Amsterdam, Leiden is the city with the most waterways within its borders. Located at the edge of the Holland Lakes area, Leiden is a focal point for the many tours by pleasure boat that pass through the city and the surrounding area. The spectacular waterways of the Old Rhine and the Vliet take you from one lake area to another, cross-crossing Leiden’s historic city centre.

Leiden has almost 3000 historic monuments. From almshouses to windmills, and from churches to town gates. In fact, the whole city centre is one enormous monument. A walk or cycle ride taking in the most celebrated monuments is absolutely worthwhile! There are no less than thirteen museums within reach, with world-class collections that can be found nowhere else.††

Take a walk through Leiden’s streets and you will taste the energy and the ambiance that can make discoveries so special. Leiden: a city that makes discoveries and a city that is well worth discovering!


Signatures, Culture weeks Leiden

6 may 2015

From 22 May until 7 June 2015, Signatures, Culture weeks Leiden will take place. Enjoy a wide variety of cultural events. With its beautiful historic city centre, almshouses, canals and monuments, Leiden is the place to discover and experience culture.

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