Top 5 Highlights Noordwijk

1. Discover Noordwijk Binnen

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Noordwijk has a wealth of history within its walls. More than 100 national monuments reveal eight centuries of the town’s history, encompassing an enormous variety from the sturdy church towers of the thirteenth century to the bulb sheds of the start of the twentieth century.

Experience the Middle Ages
The history begins with the landing of Jeroen in the ninth century. He tried to convert the population, but the Vikings demanded that he renounce his faith. He refused and was beheaded. In 1429 Noordwijk was elevated to a place of pilgrimage by the Bishop of Utrecht. This meant a period of enormous flourishing for Noordwijk. The imposing Oude Jeroenskerk (Old Church of St Jeroen) and R.K. Sint Jeroenskerk (St Jeroen’s Catholic Church) bear witness to this.

Noordwijk has the oldest schutterij (town watch) in the Netherlands, which is still fully functioning. The deed of foundation dating back to 1477 lies in the vault, but the Sint Jorisgilde (Guild of St George) turns out to be at least 100 years older. For many centuries the brothers of the guild have been shooting their bows and arrows every Friday evening at the archery range. The target is the jay with the eggs on the 26 metre high pole. After the competition the crossbows and arrows are stored in the historical armoury, the range building.

Experience the Golden Age
The Golden Age is visible in many places in Noordwijk. In the seventeenth century rope was made in many parts of the village for the fleet of the Dutch east India Company and local fishing boats. The last rope maker disappeared from Douzastraat in the twentieth century. The entrance gate to the business is still a reminder of its existence.

Rich merchants and governors also built their houses along the Voorstraat.
The Golden Age left more traces behind in the church. In the tower there hangs a church bell dating back to 1672 made by the Hemony Brothers of Amsterdam. At the time they cast the best and most expensive bells in the world. Their bells hang in many famous churches, including the Westerkerk in Amsterdam.

2. Wellness

Noordwijk wellness

For decades people have been visiting Noordwijk for a restful break. It was once a place of pilgrimage and now it's a wellness destination. Sea, beach, sauna, spa and beauty: an ideal combination for a relaxed weekend away. There are lots of hotels and salons offering wonderful wellness programmes. It's just a question of which one to choose...

3. Hiking & Biking

Noordwijk biking hiking

The varied landscapes of woods, rugged dunes and colourful bulb fields make wonderful biking routes. You can make up the route as you go along, or choose from several numbered routes of varying distance, available free from the Noordwijk Visitor Center.

Walking & Nordic Walking
An extensive network of paths takes walkers through coniferous woodlands and open dune fields, with surprising views. You might pick a path leading over the highest ridges, with views of the North Sea on one side and the bulb fields behind. Observant walkers can spot foxes, roe deer, squirrels or even fallow deer.

Cycling & mountain biking
There are many cycle paths and routes in the area, including paths through the dunes to Zandvoort and Katwijk. Mountain bikers will have the time of their lives here. There is a special path for them through the pine woods in the Noordduinen. Another option is walking or cycling with a guide who knows the way and has prepared the route. It’s good exercise on foot, or you can hire a bike, scooter or moped if you prefer:

Artwork in the Dunes
A refreshing art-themed walk through the Kunst in Duinpad artwork project on the HollandsDuin, an area belonging to the Staatsbosbeheer (state forest administration), where you can see a variety of works of art, which invite you to observe, think and enjoy. Starting point: car park at the beginning of the Duindamseslag. Length of the art route: 4 km.

4. Each Sunday shopping Sunday

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Shopping right by the sea or in the historic centre. Combine your day at the seaside with a couple of hours’ shopping on the multifaceted Hoofdstraat, Noordwijk’s main shopping stree. Walk from shop to shop: Noordwijk is a great shopping village. You’ll find lots of trendy shops for shoes, home items and clothing.

Feel like freshly cooked fish, quality BBQ meat and fresh vegetables? Then take a look at lively Kerkstraat in Noordwijk Binnen. Parking is really easy here. You’re at the historic core of the seaside resort. Well worth a visit!

Hours of business:
Monday 13.00 – 18.00
Tuesday until Friday 09.30 – 18.00
Saturday 09.30 – 17.00
Sunday 13.00 – 17.00

Late night shopping:
Noordwijk aan Zee: Friday until 21.00
Noordwijk Binnen: Thursday until 21.00

Weekly market
Noordwijk Binnen: Thursday 11.00 – 17.00